But, Every Teacher also knows that…

ClassHero for math.

Designed so every teacher can:

Personalize every time.

Work with a full K-4 curriculum.

Engage kids like they were playing a game!

Make kids want their daily dose of math!

Engagement went through the roof! My most favorite thing is the freedom to have kids working at different skill levels.

Angie Heath - 2nd Grade Teacher

At a 90% confidence level, students who participated in the pilot had greater academic gains in math than students who did not.

SW STEM Network - Director

1. Personalization: The way it should be.


With each assignment, for each child, ClassHero will:


  • Tweak difficulty levels within assigned skill.
  • Suggest pre-requisite skill assignments.
  • Challenge kids that are advancing quickly.
  • Keeps teachers in full control.

2. Diagnostics: quickly tweak your next assignment.


  • Simple and visual dashboard
  • 1 click to tweak assignment for each child.
  • Stay on top, quickly.

3. “The kids love it!”


  • Fun and engaging
  • Badges work wonders to increase focus.
  • Voice instructions

4. Engagement: Magic with Badges


  • Kids love it!
  • Reward kids for meeting practice goals.
  • Encourage behavior and good practice habits.
  • Proven to increase focused practice times!

Badges: Significant gains in engagement across classroom.




  • 20+% increase in focused practice time
  • 50+% increase in practice time among ’reluctant learners’

Total engagement. I can switch it to what I want the kids to work on and I can personalize it for the quicker learners and for slow learners.

Monica Rock - 3rd Grade Teacher



  • Full Common Core and state curriculum for Grades K-4
  • Pre-K curriculum
  • Every teacher has access to all Grades.

Additional Features Teachers Love

Team Up with Parents

Create a positive mood around math and encourage regular practice!

Data Privacy

COPPA compliance
FERPA compliance

Customer Support

Get help from other teacher coaches or product experts.

Designed for Classrooms

Easy switching for classrooms that share devices.

Device Compatibility

Web browsers, Chromebook,
iPads and Android tablets and Amazon Kindle